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The zero code alternative to Postman
Automated, collaborative, and powerful API testing and monitoring – with no code, at no charge

Code Required

Time saved writing tests

Automated, Collaborative, Powerful

API testing and monitoring.


Build Better APIs

The quality of your APIs have a direct impact on your brand and revenue. Produce high quality APIs consistently with automated and simple to use API testing you can rely on.


Win as a team

Accelerate API development and testing through collaboration. Discover API trends and identify the best way to tackle issues by sharing tests and results using an intuitive dashboard.


Optimize performance

When API is your business, uptime and health of your API are your KPIs. Set up API monitoring and get notified before problems occur.


Do more in less time


Validate Payloads Accurately

Don't just stop with status codes, add more intelligence to your tests to verify the accuracy of the payload. Easily make logical assertions to create flexible and powerful conditions to validate - no code necessary.

Automate and schedule tests

Generate tests automatically and schedule them to run as often as you choose. Easily integrate into your CI/CD pipeline to execute tests as part of your deployment.



Get alerts on your API health

Detect trouble before your customers do. Use the same API tests to monitor health and send notifications using your channel of choice.

Gain insights from API Quality

Data on API quality can be used as an indicator of API consumption. Analyze the uptime, performance and failures of the API to gain actionable insights and diagnose errors.


Download the Desktop HTTP Client
A simple REST client for sending and receiving HTTP requests
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