IBM API Connect Test and Monitor provides automated, collaborative, and powerful API testing and monitoring, with no code needed.

The product includes the following features:

  • No code necessary.
  • Automated and simple to use API tests, that can be created quickly, and easily.
    • Produce high quality APIs consistently, with automated and simple to use API testing that you can rely on.
  • Collaborative testing.
    • Accelerate your API development and testing, by sharing your tests and results through the intuitive visual composer.
  • API monitoring.
    • Set up API monitoring and get alerts on your API health before issues occur.
  • Intelligent validation of API payload accuracy.
    • Add more intelligence to your tests to verify the accuracy of the payload. You can easily make logical assertions to create flexible and powerful conditions for validation — no code necessary.
  • Automated generation and scheduling of tests.
    • Generate tests automatically and schedule them to run as often you choose. Easily integrate into your CI/CD pipeline to execute tests as part of your deployment.

Getting started

To quickly get up and running, see the following pages:

  1. Creating a test
  2. Modifying a test
  3. Running a test
  4. Publishing a test
  5. Scheduling a test

More information

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