After you have completed the configuration of your test, and run it manually to confirm that it works correctly, you can publish the test. You need to publish a test to be able to schedule it to run automatically.

After you have published a test, you can continue to work on the test in the Composer without affecting the published test, and then publish the test again later to update the published test.

To publish a test, complete the following steps:

  1. Click your project name in the menu bar to get to the “Projects” page.

    Image of projects link

  2. On the “Projects” page, click the Tests icon Image of the tests icon for the project that contains the test that you want to publish. The list of tests is displayed.

  3. From the list of tests double-click the test that you want to publish, or click the edit icon Image of the edit this test icon for the test.

  4. The status page for your test is displayed. If your test has not been published before, the status will show as Not published.

    Image of tests not published

  5. Click the Publish icon Image of the publish icon to publish your test.

  6. The test status page is updated with the following changes:

    • The status of the test now shows as Published.
    • The Publish icon is disabled.

    Image of test published

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