Note: You must publish a test before you can schedule it; see Publishing a test.

To schedule a test, complete the following steps:

  1. Click your project name in the menu bar to get to the “Projects” page.

    Image of projects link

  2. On the “Projects” page, click the Tests icon Image of the tests icon for the project that contains the test that you want to schedule. The list of tests is displayed.

  3. On the “Tests” page, click the Scheduler icon Image of the scheduler icon for the test that you want to schedule runs for.

    Image of tests schedule button

  4. On the “Scheduler” page, click + Create New Run.

    Image of schedules create button

  5. On the “New Run” page, complete the following details:

    • Enter a Name for the run.
    • Select a Downloader from the drop-down menu.
    • Set the frequency of the run that you require.
    • Click Save Run in the upper right of the page.

    Image of schedule details

In the above example, the test is set to run at 00:00, 00:15, 00:30, 00:45, 06:00, 06:15, 06:30, 06:45, 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 18:00, 18:15, 18:30, and 18:45 every day of every month.

Note that free accounts cannot schedule runs more frequently than every 30 minutes. For this reason they can only set minutes to 15 and 45.


Your test run is now displayed in the “Schedules List”. You can edit, pause, or delete a test run, by hovering over the test that you want to update, and clicking on the appropriate icon.

What to do next

By following our getting started guide, you successfully created, published and scheduled a test. You can now continue to use the application, or you can review the following additional information: